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Services for Students

  • Personalized Guidance:

    Tailored support for Indian students seeking admission to esteemed UK universities.

  • Online Tutoring Experience:

    I have conducted almost 14 online tutorial classes for long distance students by helping them to achieve their grades.

  • Visa Assistance:

    Comprehensive assistance in navigating the visa application process.

  • Course and University Selection:

    Expert advice on choosing courses and universities aligned with individual goals.

  • End-to-End Support:

    Guidance from application submission to enrollment, ensuring a seamless process.

Universities Services

  • UK Universities Tie ups and collaborations:

    Building and maintaining partnerships with UK universities for course offerings and collaborating with educational institutions in India.

  • Tuition Fees:

    Based on education level. (Starts from $29.00 per course)

  • Holistic Educational Solutions:

    Ensuring the delivery of high-quality education by aligning with reputable UK universities known for academic excellence.

  • Quality Assurance and Academic Excellence

    We bridges continents, empowering UK universities to connect with eager learners in India, facilitating access to top courses through advanced, realistic, and innovative educational pathways, ensuring a mutually beneficial collaboration.

Students Workflow

How can you join UK University in easy steps?


Explore Course Options

Navigate through a diverse range of courses offered by renowned UK universities, exploring various disciplines and levels of study.


Seamless Application Process

Enjoy a streamlined application procedure with expert guidance, ensuring all necessary documentation and requirements are met for successful admission.


Tailored Consultation Services

Receive personalized counseling services to match individual aspirations and academic backgrounds with suitable courses, ensuring a tailored and fulfilling educational journey.


Collaborative Partnerships

Benefit from Eze Axe’s partnerships with UK universities, creating opportunities for students to access quality education with cost-effective solutions at affiliated colleges and institutes in India.

Join UKUniversity

Discuss with an expert to find out the complete process to join a UK University course from India.

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How it Works?

Process is simple: reach out to us for counselling, identify right course, join UK University.

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Students Resources

Discuss with the counsellor to get full resources to understand what it needs to study in UK.

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UK Courses in India

We have UK universities, offering their esteemed courses taught by colleges in India.

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